A uncommon second for an okapi calf to take its first steps 2024

A rare moment for an okapi calf to take its first steps

A male okapi calf was born on September 2 to first-time dad and mom Ludimi and Ebolo, after a gestation interval of 14 months. The child will get his identify on the San Antonio Zoo’s annual fundraiser.

“We’re very excited to welcome this cute okapi calf to our San Antonio Zoo household,” stated Zoo President Tim Morrow. “We invite everybody to affix us on this extraordinary journey on our social platforms and shortly on the zoo the place we carefully monitor the expansion and improvement of the calf.”

Generally known as the “African rhino,” they’re the elusive and endangered relative of giraffes. The UNESCO World Heritage Conference estimates that 30,000 okapi stay within the wild, as a consequence of poaching and habitat destruction.

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